Tips To Impress Your Girlfriend

Tips To Impress Your Girlfriend

Once you start online dating you could move to the next step by actually meeting up for an actual date. Remember the first impression does matter! One day in the year when we get to truly show our romantic side at its best is Valentine’s Day. So, it’s very important to make it the best day possible.

Here are a few ideas for you to score some brownie points that you can cash in whenever you like! Some of these ideas are here (be sure to be ready to do some work, but surely, it’ll be worth it!!)

Make it a memorable event day

The main goal is to do anything and everything to make her feel special. Now, doing so today, doesn’t mean you get a pass to behave however you want for the rest of the year, but for today, she’s the queen. Do whatever excites her, something she’ s been wanting to do for a bit but you two haven’t found the time to do it together. A lovely breakfast in bed would be a nice way to kick off the day, some chocolates (Who doesn’t like chocolates!) and then set off do what you’ve planned. Another great way to draw the day to a close would be dinner, cooked by you, of course, in an intimate setting. Find out some special and easy-to-cook dishes.

A sensual massage

There’s no day like Valentine’s Day to pamper your girl. The best way to do that is a massage! It relaxes her, and gets her in a mood even better than before. Remember to really get in there to the knots. The neck, small of her back and the legs would be great areas to pay close attention to. It’s bound to do wonders

Relive your first meeting

The first date is always special in any relationship. The best gift this V day, would be a recreation of that very special date. Maybe at the same spot, same time, same food. A successful recreation is a sure brownie points bounty and on top of it, it’s going to make sparks fly as it did back then!

Lead her down a rose path

A rose path to the bed’s been done and dusted. Add a new twist to it, make it to the kitchen. In the kitchen, a lovely elaborate breakfast that checks off all her favourites, roses (Obviously, it’s Valentines!) and chocolates. A couple of gifts may just add to the great start. You could even make a puzzle like thing out of the gifts. Make them something that tells her what is to come further in the day, and then have her guess it!

Last but definitely one of the most important – Get innovative

Be wild, different and extraordinary on Valentine’s Day. The more you think out of the ordinary, the more it tells her that you care and you put thought and time into this. Do something out of the blue, something that you never would have done otherwise, or have never thought of doing together. Something that will make her remember this day for a long time. An impromptu trip would be nice, or tickets to her favourite artist’s concert! C’mon you can think of something!

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