15 Things to Discuss on the First Date

15 Things to Discuss on the First Date

First dates are known to be awkward because you don’t have anything to talk about. But when you are in a dating service, you have a lot more information about your date. The main reason is that they don’t know their partners very well.

You don’t want to mess things up on your first date by making your partner upset or talking about your ex. All your problems will be solved and you will have an incredible first date whom you met on a dating site. Following are the top 15 things to talk about that are told by the experts:

1. Close circle

On your first date, you might want to ask the single women or men about people they are close to. You can start by talking about yourself and then just drop the question by saying “What about you?”.

2. What makes you happy?

This is another vital question that will help you understand your potential partner. If your partner starts the discussion, then make sure you talk about the most important things that make you happy in life. It can be as small as clean beds to bigger things like helping orphan kids.

3. Home sweet home

It is no doubt the best and the most non-awkward thing to discuss. Start by discussing the place, what you like about your home or what you dislike. Questions like “What makes home really feel like home?” can be helpful to understand each other.

4. Movies or books

This topic is, of course, the favorite when you see an awkward silence coming in. Talk about recent movies, the type of movies, the worst movies. Lately, you can discuss the type of books you are into or any other materials like sitcoms you watch now. If you are both into “Narcos”, maybe it is time to buy popcorn and beer for the second night date.

5. Interests

When you find a woman online, you don’t have to get the person to like you. It should be natural and with honesty. So if you have some common interests or hobbies, things will go smoothly. Do not lie on any question about the same things you like. If you are a nightwalker and day-dreamer, you can say so.

6. Typical weekends

You may ask what his/her typical weekend looks like when you meet the person on an online dating service. This will give you an idea of whether you will able to give time to each other or not. Space and time-for-each-other are equally important.

7. Best childhood memories

Well, for some people childhood might not be the best but still, there are some happy memories that you can share with each other. As per R.A Burns (a researcher at Center For Research On Aging Health and Well-being), parental bonding in childhood might have some effect on his/her behavior now and it is important to know while dating.

8. Passion, dreams, life goals

These are the best things to discuss on the first date when you meet via online dating. You can check whether the person wrote the right things. Dreams and goals can give you a lot of topics to speak about.

9. Work schedule

Yes, it sounds boring but it can tell you a lot about the person schedule and how much time he or she can give you. It will also give you an idea of whether the person is too serious about his job, is a workaholic or will give you importance too.

10. Special place

There is always a place that you or your partner have when things go wrong and you can calm down there. It might be his/her favorite cafe. Ask your date about special places and invite her/him there for the second date.

11. Food

If you are a foodie and want to figure out what your partner likes, then it seems this is the best conversation to have. When you meet on an online dating site, questions like these are important as they work as an ice-breaker.

12. Bucket list

A bucket list conversation will give the impression that you know what you want from life. This will also shed light on common interests.

13. Music

It is imperative to know the common taste in music. Music helps in relaxing and when you have songs that both of you like, you can be sure that your date is going to be amazing.

14. Dream car and dream house

Of course, these are material things and are subjects to change in the future. But this conversation can spike interests in boring and awkward situations. Also, it will help you know the future intentions of your potential partner.

15. Role model

That sounds childish but almost every person has a role model whose ideas they like to follow. This will give you an insight into his dreams, wishes and behavior.

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